Don’t Sweat It

When your horse is working hard or it’s just plain hot outside, sweat happens. Our best-seller, Electro-Plex, replenishes the electrolytes and nutrients that are lost in the process. In addition to providing electrolyte balance, this product helps induce your horse to drink water. Stay hydrated. It’s gonna be a hot one out there.

Fire Drive

Giddy Up & Go

Being the best right out of the gate takes more than muscle. Fire Drive contains an herbal blend and the essential amino acid L-Tyrosine to ensure the nervous system is firing on all cylinders. Stay on your mark before you get set and go.


Hit the Ground Running

Converting food into energy can be a complicated biochemical process. If the body cannot pull from its energy stores, fatigue will set in and lead to soreness. Fortunately, Lactinex provides the components necessary to make it all happen. The unique blend of Alpha-Lipoic Acid and L-Carnosine will help your horse utilize stored energy and be ready for the big moments.

Oral X-Factor

The Complete Package

The rigors of training and competition can take its toll on your equine athlete. To help keep your horse performing its best, Oral X-Factor provides a complete package of electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acid chelated minerals to aid in replenishing the key nutrients lost during exercise.